Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Dollars

So I just bought a house last November. After this idea was planted in my head a few years ago I realized that if I did ever follow it I did not want to raise a child exclusively in an apartment. I wanted to be able to provide a house with a backyard, neighborhood, school and overall community feel. So I started saving and in little over 18 months I had saved almost $14,000.

Most of that is gone between my down payment and some kitchen remodeling (plus $2500 charged interest free for new appliances, down to only about $1000 now!) so my goal has been to get back to saving. While at my apartment I would average saving around $800/mo, it has been a challenge being a home owner. I never budgeted before because I never needed to. Unfortunately since I didn't have a home before, I put a lot of money into cars and changed out every two years. Ugh. Regretting that now. My current car I've had now for almost 3 years and will have paid off by mid-to-late 2016. But that's not really the issue. Owning a home is not cheap! Between the increase in rent/mortgage, to the increase in electricity and now having to pay for water/trash/sewer, that's taking about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I was able to save before.

But every month it seems like it has been something else. My water heater quit working in December, January and February were pretty quiet, March brought a trip to Disney with  my best friends and their boy (he got a Make A Wish trip and they invited me... don't regret it one bit), April has been the absolute bitch. First, the hail storm that totaled my roof. Needs to be replaced. Second, I decided I wanted to re-do my flowerbeds. The front yard was in dire need of something but I got a little caught up in it all and didn't think out my vision. $800 later it looks amazing, but I'm (more) broke. And then this last weekend... I had my A/C serviced because I wanted to make sure I'd be good to go for the summer. When they installed the new unit (about 3 months before I bought the house) they soldered some piping too hot causing a cracked valve and ALL the refrigerant to leak out. Guess who has two thumbs and got to pay to fix that? This chick.

Guess who still has more? This chick. My sister is getting married this summer and of course it has to be a destination wedding. So guess who will be shelling out about $1500-$1800 to go watch her sister do something that would be free if she did it here. Sigh. I'm not resentful or anything. I'm happy for her. Really. I swear.

OK, so I'll work on that.

So I've started getting to the point now where I'm thinking of money amounts in terms of babies. My sister's wedding? That's 1-1.5 babies (what my research shows appoximately what IUI will cost here). My flowerbed? 3/4 of a baby. My damn roof? 4 babies.

I hate that I'm going backwards but I keep reminding myself that my luck has to turn sometime and that I have done a really good job of budgeting with everything else. Had I not been working really hard there, I'd be even worse off than I am now. But that being said, I am still disappointed that I seem to be getting farther away from my dream than closer to it for the time being.

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  1. I'm sorry you've had so many money worries piled on you. Here's hoping you catch that break the meantime, just keep plugging away.