Thursday, May 14, 2015

Figuring Out Life

Anyone figured it out yet? I'd love to know...

A year or so ago I was so 100% sure that I had figured out what I wanted for the next phase in my life and these last few months I feel like something in me has shifted.

Maybe it's just fatigue. Ever try teaching 150 thirteen year olds at the end of a school year? I love them but I cannot handle much more of them. One word: HORMONES.

Maybe it's just the distance since even in my earliest plans everything is still a couple years down the road.

Or maybe it is just a shift. I swear every time I turn around I'm witnessing, hearing about or reading something that is causing my inner voice to be like "See there! Another reason not to have kids!" I have lost all sight of things that bring out the maternal feelings that were so overwhelming just a few months ago.

But yet this seems like a necessary part of this journey. How else can I be comfortable with any decision I make if I haven't given myself the chance to see both sides?


  1. I have! Figured out life...for me anyway. And that's the thing, it's different for everyone. The elements that bring me the most contentedness would be another's nightmare. I think it's not only natural but very healthy to allow yourself to feel all your feelings. A wise friend once gave me some excellent advice while trying to make a decision. She advised me to embrace the other option. Live with it in your mind for a time, talk yourself out of the thing you think you want the most. It really helps you have a well rounded perspective. You're right, it's all part of the journey

  2. What amazing advice! Thank you so much for sharing it.